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Tooltester is Turning 10

Tooltester 10 Years

On October 30, 2009 I published the first version of WebsiteToolTester, which back then, was called CMS Testlabor. It was targeting the German market but very quickly evolved into an international project with awesome employees from seven different countries.

cms testlabor

It has been (and still is) super exciting for me and I would never have believed that we will come this far.

To celebrate that special day our team went to have a dinner in the dark at "Dans le Noir ?". It was super fun and it was indeed impossible for most to tell whether we drank red or white wine :)


Thank you to everyone who contributed and supported us during these 10 years. We will keep pushing to provide the best reviews and tutorials out there so beginners will have easy access to the best web tools around (avoiding the bad ones!).

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