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Hi, I'm Robert! The founder of Tooltester

A few things about me:

This is my main project that I founded in 2009. We test and review all kinds of web tools (website builders, web hosting, live chat, email marketing, etc.) and strive to provide the highest quality on the web. All that in 7 languages. Go check it out here:

The team has grown to 10 people, who mostly work from our office in the Eixample district of Barcelona.

SEO and affiliate marketing

Tooltester is based on these two marketing techniques, which I know quite a lot about. Especially the international aspect of them. In my blog you'll find occasional thoughts about them.

A German living in Barcelona​

Originally from Germany (close to Munich) I left for Barcelona in 2012 and got fully settled here in 2014. And what can I say, I've never regretted it! 

Barcelona offers a high standard of living (at a much lower cost than most other European cities), combined with the most pleasant climate you can imagine.


I love long-distance cycling and Catalonia is such a fantastic place for it. Especially the Costa Brava area. I've gone countless times from Barcelona up to Sant Feliu de Guixols, which is the perfect distance for a day trip (about 100 km). I have to admit that my bike has a cheat mode, i.e. an electric motor.

Connect with me

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Or send me a message through the contact form.

My latest blog posts

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