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About Us


Meet the Tooltesters

In a world where so many review websites sell their top spots to the highest bidder, we want to be the exception: a team that takes the time to thoroughly test software and whose opinions can’t be bought – helping our users achieve amazing things online without taking ourselves too seriously.


Our office represents all these things: the vision Robert had for a company and a team back when he imagined what the perfect work environment would look like – all accessible from the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Oh, and there's something we're pretty proud of: we made into the list of Europe's 1000 fastest growing companies according to the Financial Times! 


Robert Brandl 🇩🇪

Founder and Director


Josep Garcia 🇪🇸

Senior Content and SEO Manager


Roberta Phillips 🇬🇧

Head of EmailToolTester


Annika Müller 🇩🇪

Content Manager for WebsiteToolTester


Inka Wibowo 🇦🇺

Content Manager for WebsiteToolTester

Lucas (Portrait).jpeg

Lucas Forlenza 🇦🇷

Video Specialist

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